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Edge is a forward-thinking eCommerce consultancy, collaborating with ambitious brands to help grow and scale their online businesses.

We are a dynamic agency, with a passion for sustainably helping brands and retailers grow online.

Our obsession is helping brands with e-commerce. Everything we do focuses on finding solutions to the ecommerce issues that brands encounter. With the help of our deep experience and broad expertise, we can streamline and expand your business.

We work with brands and retailers to help them achieve their business goals and deliver key projects. Our team undertakes fixed-scope and retained consultancy work for businesses of all shapes and sizes, ranging from complex re-platforming projects and audits to ad-hoc workshops.

We go through the requirements, we define goals, we approach the challenge, we deliver the solution, and we measure results. By putting together creativity and technology, we put our focus on the ROI. We always use the power of creativity to transform strategy into unique solutions.

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people”
Steve Jobs.

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As a business, we only work on eCommerce projects and have a team of experienced, specialist consultants, all bringing different skill sets to projects. We're flexible with how we work - ranging from specific workshops to larger fixed-scope projects to retained relationships. The client-fit is more important to us than the brief or project scope.

Our consultants are all experienced e-commerce specialists who have been in your shoes. Our practical consulting services are grounded by our real-world multi-channel retail experience optimising web and store channel performance for effective ecommerce marketing strategies. We deliver top-notch action items, roadmaps for growth, and digital marketing services. We aim to beat competitors in any market.

Our team can support your digital transformation, delivering ecommerce strategy advice, digital team structure, and omnichannel customer experience best practices. We can also assess your ecommerce technology requirements and support technology selection.

Examples of projects we commonly work on include:

  • Strategy definition and inputs

  • Technical audits,

  • Customer experience audits

  • Technical scoping and requirements gathering

  • Procurement projects

  • Delivery & project management

  • Specific scope delivery (e.g. product personalisation)

  • interim support

  • Roadmap definition and ownership.

Selected Services

Trading & CRO

Customer expectations for service, user experience, and corporate transparency have drastically changed as a result of the introduction of digital technologies. Startups disrupt marketplaces in every industry, or businesses face a rapidly consolidating market. Many organisations must recalibrate in response to these changes to adapt to the new reality.

We support businesses by providing the appropriate emphasis based on customer insights, their brand expectations, and chances for your business to stand out in the market. We develop a distinctive digital strategy for your company through a series of workshops and interviews, and we guarantee internal organisation assistance


The top online retailers have the same mindset as the top brick-and-mortar stores. They are skilled in making their store irresistible by knowing what to display in the storefront to draw customers in, how to arrange the merchandise so it is enticing to purchase, how much inventory to display and how much to hold back, when to provide discounts, and how to seal the deal.

​Our trading specialists have spent years developing firms and picking up all these exclusive tips. They may now apply all that knowledge to your company to help it expand in sustainably

We can evaluate your current omnichannel and e-commerce business, find the quick wins, and present a prioritised action plan that generates rapid, profitable e-commerce growth. You decide which channels to include—such as your direct-to-consumer website, shops, marketplaces, and digital marketing platforms—and we'll offer a practical implementation path for your company.

For those looking for streamlined support, we provide bespoke consultancy services that are typically more advisory, with us operating as a strategic partner. As part of these types of projects and retainers, we act as an extension of your team and examples of how we can work include:

  • Defining short, medium, and long-term eCommerce roadmap

  • Assisting with roadmap prioritization and organization

  • Conducting workshops on focused topics or broader areas

  • Technical scoping and requirements gathering

  • Providing strategic inputs and validating your end-to-end strategy

  • Overseeing technical projects and providing support with delivery

  • Helping with budgeting and commercial aspects

  • Providing advice on technology and agency selection

  • Supporting and assisting in building your internal team.


What our clients say

Edge provided additional support for several projects whilst we were rolling out multiple new sites. You guys are amazing! Thank you!

Brand Architekts plc

The Edge team is one of the best e-commerce talents I have worked with. An excellent attitude and work ethic.


Edge developed a well-thought-out strategy and roadmap for international expansion. Exceeding our expectations!

Alyasra Fashion

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For teams who need more hands-on support, we can also help with implementation work too, either with temporary interim support or to accelerate the delivery of key projects. Examples of areas we can support include:

  • Project management and product ownership

  • Hands-on support with launching new features and functionality, and accelerating delivery

  • Governance and auditing around technical areas, such as performance, development approach, or accessibility

  • Architecting and validation of complex solutions (e.g. headless builds, complex international approaches, custom applications and modules, etc.)

  • Delivery of reporting and insights projects, or automation projects

  • Research projects

  • Managing UAT and testing phases

  • Supporting the roll-out of new best-in-class eCommerce tools

  • Manage optimisation projects

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Our Credentials

Supported a wide range of major eCommerce projects for brands from all over the world

A wide range of skills and focus, covering product ownership, technical solutions, marketing, strategy, and analysis

Deep experience in both technical and strategic areas (ranging from PIM implementation to CRM strategy)

Unbiased, impartial - we work with all technology partners and do not favour solutions based on commission or benefits

Experienced with major platforms - Magento / Adobe, Shopify Plus, THG Ingenuity, BigCommerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Strong relationships with technology partners - ranging from PIM to personalisation to BI platforms

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I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly past."

Douglas Adams

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